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Types of Archery Bows

We have looked at the list of archery equipment that you will need, let us look at the types of bows that you can consider when it comes to archery. So, what are the types of bows available for archery and how are they like?   Crossbows For the bow

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A Basic Guide to Archery Release Aids

What happens when you let go of the bowstring at full draw? All the energy that is stored in the bow’s limbs is transferred to the arrow allowing it to be propelled towards your aim spot. As an archer, your biggest aim should be on how to achieve a clean

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Must-Have Archery Safety Gear: A Simple Guide

Archery has evolved so much compared to its warfare nature. Due to the nature of the equipment used by archers, there is always a possibility of injuring yourself as you indulge in your favorite sport. As a result, to avoid these injuries, you will need to protect yourself and as

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The Perfect Archery Practice: A Three-Point Process

Practice makes perfect. This is something we had our parents drum into us as we were growing up being it practice for the dance recital or ballerina practice. With time we learned the 10,000 rule that’s 10,000 hours of repeatedly doing the same thing makes you an expert? When it

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How to Choose Arrows: A Guide

When it comes to archery, it is important to learn the basics of the arrow. This is because the bows are an important aspect of archery. As a new archer, the most baffling thing apart from the selection of the bow is choosing an arrow. Before looking at them, you

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