Top 8 Benefits Why Your Child Needs Archery

Like every sport has his benefits for kids, archery has its specific
benefits as well. Not only is archery a physical sport, but it is also a
mental sport and it will ensure that the kids are both physically and
mentally developed. Under the right teachers and also guidance, it is
rather a very safe sport for the kids as well.

What are the major benefits of archery for kids?

  • Leads to Increased Mental Focus and Self Discipline

Archery requires a lot of commitment and it also takes time to learn.
This will teach the children the importance of following through and also
persistence. If your child takes time and sticks with the classes and
lessons, you will not only see your child’s skill improve but also their

This is because, throughout the training, our trainers highlight the
importance of staying committed and being disciplined. These skills are not
only important in life, but they help shape the adult life of your child.

  • Improved Balance and Coordination

Due to the nature of archery which is all about drawing the bow, this
activity helps build your core muscle. A strong core is an archer’s strong
point as this improves their stability as well as their balance. As earlier
learnerd, with stability and balance comes improved posture, improved
eye-hand coordination and hence increasing your level of accuracy.

  • Life skills, teamwork, and sports

When played in teams, archery helps teach children about teamwork which is
an import soft skill, especially in their adult life. This will also teach
kids about respect to their coaches, fellow students and also the sports
rules. Be it a solo activity or a team activity, as the children interact
with each other as they strive towards achieving their goals and also teach
them about determination.

  • Better Physical Health

If it is an outdoor setting, the kids get to absorb the most natural
Vitamin D there is from the sun which is very important for their bone
health. In addition, be it outdoor or indoor setting, archers get to build
their core, chests, back and shoulder muscles as well. Suppose, the kids
get to draw 40 arrows, at about 25 pounds each, that is equal to about, 1000
pounds of weight.

An important fact, during a tournament, archers get to walk about 5 miles
which is a good form of exercise for strengthening their legs as well as
their heart.

  • Helps In Goal Setting

One sport that can help teach your child about goal setting is archery.
This is because archers fit their goals by either increasing the distance
between him or her or even focusing on a smaller target ring. As a child or
even as an experienced archer, these two will help teach you about goal

  • Build Self-confidence and Awareness

If your aim as a parent or even as a child is to improve your child’s
health, socialness or even focus, then archery is the best place to start.
As your child focuses on hitting the bull’s eye, they continue being more
confident both in and out of the class as well as in other social settings.

  • It’s an All year Round Sport

The best thing about archery is that it can be both an outdoor and also an
indoor sport. It also appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Archery also
comes in different forms as well. This includes target archery which is
seen during Olympics and Paralympic games, field archery which is usually
played in a wooden course outdoors, and then there is 3D archery which is
for shooting foam animal targets.

Archery can be played indoors during winter and outdoors during summer,
fall and spring. Another advantage is that archery can be adaptable to
people with disabilities, this is Para-archery and it can shot from a
stool, wheelchair, and some even use their teeth and draw their bow using
their feet.

  • Archery and Safety

As a parent, your main concern is how safe archery is for your child.
Archery is one of the safest sports. Here are some facts to support:

  • As per Archery Trade Association, archery is safer than most ball
    sports excluding bowling and table tennis.
  • As per National Safety Council Statistics, archery is safer than archery
  • As per National Safety Council less than 1 out of every 2,000 people
    get injured while doing archery.

Due to the safety gear that archers also wear, your children also get to
learn about safety while practicing archery.

As a parent, why don’t you sign up your child this summer vacation for one
of our classes with our amazing trainers to have your child learn a new