Must-Have Archery Safety Gear: A Simple Guide

Archery has evolved so much compared to its warfare nature. Due to the
nature of the equipment used by archers, there is always a possibility of
injuring yourself as you indulge in your favorite sport. As a result, to
avoid these injuries, you will need to protect yourself and as a result,
there are some safety gears that you can consider. These safety gears not
only protect you as an archer but also help you enhance your accuracy.

What safety gears can you consider to have:

  • Bracer or arm guard
  • Finger tab
  • Thumb ring
  • Chestguard
  • Safety harness

Arm Guard

When shooting, there is always a chance of the bowstring catching your arm
as you release the bowstring and this can cause so great pain. This might
also make you miss your target due to the flinching of your muscles. And
also, your clothes might get in the way of your draw. With the help of an
armed guard, these two things will be prevented from happening. It will
ensure that you do not experience the pain as well as ensure that your
arrow is shot in the right manner in the right direction

Finger Tab

For whichever hand you use to pull your string, you will need a finger tab
for it. This gear is necessary so as to avoid injuring your fingers as you
draw your bowstring. This gear protects the first as well as the second
finger so that you avoid getting bruises when you apply pressure as you
pull the string. It is also important to note that, you will need to wear
this gear as you even do target practice to avoid getting sore fingers.
Though gloves can perform the same job, they tend to be very hot and cause
the hand to sweat especially in summer.

Thumb Ring

This gear is essential especially as it helps keep your thumb safe as you
pull your string back to the bow. The thumb ring is made of different
materials such as stone, leather or even plastic. It gives a protective
layer to your thumbs inner pad.

This gear is not mandatory in archery as the thumb is most usually used
much in other archery forms as the Asian archery does.

Chest Guard

A chest guard is a waistcoat looking clothing that an archer wears over the
chest area where the archer holds the bow. This gear is meant to reduce any
injury that might arise when the string recoils back after a rather strong
release. This gear also helps in reducing the interference that the
archer’s clothing might cause the string when drawn very close to the body.

The chest guard is made of leather, nylon, the plastic or any other
material and is fitted to the archer’s body with the buttons, straps or
studs. Apart from providing safety, this also helps improve accuracy.

Safety Harness

When it comes to archery, shooting from a level ground is a luxury
especially if you doing bow hunting where you might need to climb a tree
and shoot from there. As a result, there is always a possibility of losing
balance and falling off the tree and this can lead to some serious
injuries. In comes, the safety harness as this gear will stop you from
slipping and falling off the tree and prevent you from hitting the ground
and decrease the extent of the injury.

Like any other sport, you will need to ensure that you protect yourself
when doing archery as this will ensure that you do not hurt yourself as you
indulge in your favorite sport. Better is safe than sorry.

Get your safety gear on and let’s go archery.