Basic steps to shooting a bow and arrow: Like A Pro

When it comes to shooting a bow and arrow, it is all about mastering the
basic steps and in no time you will be a pro. In archery, like all sport
has a set of steps that you need to follow so as to master the skill of
shooting bow and arrow.

Be it you are preparing for game hunting, target practice or for Olympics,
these 6 steps will ensure that you are at the top of the game. Of course,
you will need to know and understand your bow as well as your arrow. So,
let us take a look at the 6 most basic steps that you need to master so
that you can achieve the perfect form of shooting.


Basically, the stance is the position you assume when shooting the arrow.
What do you need to know:

· You will need to have the toes of your feet in a straight line and toward
the center of your target.

· Your feet need to be on both sides of the shooting line.

· Your feet also need to be about shoulder length apart and in equal
measure. Your shoulders will also need to be indirectly above the balls of
your feet.

Finger Placement and Arrow Nock:

One thing is to make sure your fingers are well protected and you got your
arm guard on as well.

· Your index finger will hold the string above the nock while the middle
and ring finger will be under the nock. Ensure that the string is hooked at
the first joints of your fingers.

· When it comes to the bow hand placement it is important to ensure that
the pressure of the bow is distributed along the pressure lines and that
your fingers are relaxed and your hand needs to make a 45-degree angle.

Drawing the bow:

What are the pointers under this main step?

  • You will need to do a small pre-draw of the string.

· Then bring your bow arm up to the height of your head and the bow arm
needs to be extended out straight while the draw arm that is pulling the
string needs to touch your cheek.

  • Your shoulders need to be low as possible.

· Then draw your string along your bow arm in a straight vertical line to
the anchor point.

· Stand straight up and relax.

Anchoring and Aiming

Anchoring is one of the most basic and most important parts of archery.
This is a whole topic but for now, let us get the basics first.

· Your string needs to touch the middle of your chin and tip of your nose.

  • Your index finger needs to be under your chin.

· Under when you aiming: You need to aim with your dominant eye and shut
your less dominant eye. If you can’t shut it, keep both eyes open. Keep
your target in sight and keep the string a little right of the sight.


Release basically has to do everything with letting go of the arrow and not
jacking it off as you let it go. You need to keep the following pointers in

· Keep pulling back the string while keeping your fingers relaxed of the
draw hand.

· Your relaxed bow hand will automatically move back.

· You will need to ensure that your bow arm is relaxed and do not hold on
to the bow.


This is the final step and it is good to note the following:

· Your draw hand needs to be relaxed and near or behind your ear.

· Keep on aiming until the arrow has hit the target. Do not move. Keep

When it comes to perfect practice and also shooting a bow, practice and the
perfect guide is everything. Why not take one class in archery with our top
trainers and you shall see how addictive it can be?