9 Best Reasons to Learn Archery


9. It is a social sport

Well, believe it or not, archery is definitely a social sport but most people don’t agree with this. People from different walks of life happen to enjoy archery. One of the best reasons to learn archery is because it is a social sport that almost any age group can participate in as from 6 years of age. Yes! Children as young as 6 years old can participate, older people too. It is a social sport because some competitions usually involve groups of people as teaches these kids even adults the importance of teamwork.

8. Teaches self discipline and focus

We can all agree that archery is one sport that teaches or even still instills focus and self discipline to the archer. It comes with the sport, so all you have to do is adjust and learn fast. In archery, taking things step by step or following due procedures are very important. You can’t skip a step and still be 100% effective, with this, you have no choice but to be self disciplined and focused. It teaches youngsters that slowing down in order to focus on one step isn’t as bad as it makes you even more successful than you anticipated.

7. Helps to improve your balance and coordination

If there is anything that will prompt you to learn archery then it’s the advantage that t offers which is helping to improve your balance as well as your coordination. This is quite simple, considering the fact that archery is basically focusing on a target and executing a shot, that’s all it takes to improve your balance and coordination. When you draw a bow, you are strengthening your core muscles which in turn help an archer improve his balance. This in turn helps to improve your hand to eye coordination and helps you hit your target more effectively.

6. Helps your physical health

While on the best reasons to learn archery, let’s not forget the most obvious that learning archery improves your physical health. Archery is usually an outdoor kind of sport especially during competitions; archers tend to absorb vitamin D naturally from sunlight which is very much needed for bone health and growth. Asides from that advantage, another very important reason to partake in archery is the fact that unconsciously, it helps you build your core muscles, back muscles as well and chest and shoulder muscles.

5. Helps with your self confidence

If there is another on the best reasons to learn archery then it is the fact that it helps to improve self confidence. It boosts your self confidence in way that is not harmful. It doesn’t matter what the results on the target are at the end of the day, every archer draws this satisfaction whether to a lesser or greater extent. Archery is one sport that helps to improve both mental and physical health of any individual that partakes in it. You definitely need a sport that improves your self confidence.

4. It helps you behave better

Now this may seem like going just a little extreme but it’s the truth, if you ask any archer, they will tell you that following rules is the most important thing you learn in archery. When you learn to follow rules, you start to act a certain way of course in a positive light. These rules that guide you to becoming a better archer can help you in all aspects of life. If you have a kid or ward that has behavioral problems, encouraging them to learn archery is actually a way to help them change.

3. Helps you set goals

Since we have touched a little on the mental benefits of learning archery, helping an individual especially a growing child to learn goal setting will go a long way in life for them. This is usually so effortless because archery is one sport that provides a goal setting environment for the archer. This will help the archer both in the classroom as well as life in general. Once you start to increase your distance and focus on smaller targets, so you learn how to set goals and actually achieve them. It’s one step at a time.

2. It teaches life lessons generally

One of the best reasons to learn archery especially for growing kids is that it teaches them life lessons that they can’t usually learn from the classroom. One of the many life lessons that it teaches is respect, archery as a sport instills respect to both the archer and also the rival. You are taught that respect is very important. As an archer, you must respect the rules of the game just like in other sports. It also teaches you the importance of sportsmanship as well as teamwork. It teaches you to be organized.

1. It is safe

The last but not the least on the best reasons to learn archery is that it is one of the safest sports to engage in especially for kids. It is as safe as some sports like tennis and bowling but of course they all have a little bit of risks but that has been taken care of. Archery like some other sports, have safety tips to help keep archers as well as the audience safe. It is true that the equipments used may seem dangerous but there are safety rules to use them so they don’t cause harm.

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